Kimpex Deluxe ATV Rear Box 92 L Black

Kimpex Deluxe ATV Rear Box 92 L Black
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Kimpex Deluxe ATV Rear Box Black


The DELUXE trunk is the leader, the favorite,
the ultimate unconditional consumer's choice.
In addition to being comfortable and ergonomic,
it has easy to use locks and its storage capacity is exceptional.

The inside rear portion is empty from side to side so you can
put a fishing rod or an axe in it
Comes standard with rear parking/brake light molded in the top rear of the trunk
Side lids open from rear to front


Color                 Black
Use                   ATV
Position          Rear
Heigth              43,20 cm
Width             106,70 cm
Length              71,10 cm
Helmet capacity   1
Capacity/litrage 92 L


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